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I am the Webmaster of several Mason and other Organizations websites. If you would like to see the sites that I have built please go to the links listed below.
Since most of my work revolves around the Mason, below is some of the history of the Masons.

The Freemasons

The Masons are a worldwide fraternal organization of members that are joined together by shared ideas of moral and physical nature. The Freemasonry organization is an internal work that is not shared by the general public. It dates back to the late 17th century and are direct descendants of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Tempe of Solomon in Jerusalem.

Freemasonry cannot be a straightforward outgrowth of medieval guilds of stonemasons. The Freemasonry are nonsensical when thought of as being rules for a stonemasons guild.

Some Mormons have said that there are similarity between the masonic rituals and the acts preformed in the LDS temples. Some Mormon leaders not excluding Smith were member of the Freemasonry and put it into the new religion.

The Freemasonry have throughout history have provided a safe place for the unusual and the sympathizers during times when such activity would have got one put to death. As time has gone on the Modern Age has made it as such as the secrecy has subsided. From that point on the Freemasons began to openly declare there association with the fraternity.

The Freemasonry is said to be of two different branches, the Continental and the Anglo traditions. There is no real way to split the jurisdictions into two different areas because they might recognize others that overlap with another’s and in which may affect their relations. Other times they might just overlook irregularities in another simply to maintain friendly relations with one another. With all of this Anglo and Continental must be considered as only rough indicators and not any clear designation.

Within the Organizational Structure of the Masons includes many jurisdictions of governance and each are independent and sovereign of the others and are defined by the geo territory. There is no Masonic authority, even know each jurisdiction maintains a list of the others jurisdictions that it recognizes. When the other also recognizes the jurisdiction of the other it is said to be in amity which allows one member to visit and attend closed meetings of the the other Lodges and vice versa.


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